MILF Stepmom Mandy Flores Fucks Stepson While Sharing Bed


Stepmom Mandy Flores is in town visiting. She loves the bed that she is on, but her stepson can’t sleep & she decides to let him sleep in bed with her. Mandy Flores & her stepson are resting in the bed until she realizes that he is getting a bit on the hard side. She feels his growing cock, and at first she gets mortified. After the initial shock, she relaxes and starts to give him the fucking of his life. Watch this hot stepmom MILF start to give stepson a lesson in sex.

Mandy Flores Can’t Resist Anymore

This sexy stepmom just can’t hold back anymore. She starts to rub her hands around his hard cock to see what she’s working with. The beautiful brunette begins taking his shaft in her mouth, working it all the way down. While she doing that, she looks right up at him, running her hands up down that pole. After its good & hard, she lets him slide right into her tight area, letting him feel just how wet she is.

As it gets more intense, Mandy starts to get on top & rides that young cock hard. In this hot POV view, he is taking it – and giving it out well. He keeps pounding until that hot load is released all for Mandy.

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Date: January 4, 2018
Actors: Mandy Flores

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  1. Mandy Flores is so damn hot. She can absolutely get it anytime she wants. Big thumbs up here…..any more Mandy clips coming?

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